Nuestra Empresa ⎮ Flipper S.A. Pescados y mariscos a domicilio en Ecuador.


Distribute fish and shellfish of excellent quality, satisfying consumer expectations and contributing to the development of the country.


To be the favorite fish and seafood company in the national and international market.


    Grupo FLIPPER with its modern facilities and equipment, in all its production processes, works by applying national and international quality norms and standards, thus guaranteeing a product of excellent quality.

  • Frozen and vacuum packed fish
  • Shrimp Processing,
  • Seafood packaging in general,
  • Value-added line with Ceviches Listos,
  • Line of flavors of ManabĂ­ (products or typical food of ManabĂ­)
  • It processes the main fishing resource available in Ecuador, Albacore, Bonito, Picudo, Wahoo, Dorado, among other species. Seafood in general Shrimp, Prawn, Pota Squid, Octopus, Shell, Crab Pulp, etc. Pelagic such as: Camotillo, Carita, Pámpano, Corvinilla, Colorado, Cabezudo, etc.


    The production process begins with the reception of the raw material that arrives at the plant, by means of covered platforms or trucks, protected against the dust of the Suppliers, it must comply with the acceptance parameters of temperature, organoleptic characteristics, salt and histamine. Evaluation that is carried out by randomly taking samples and taking them to the Quality Control Laboratory, who will determine whether or not the raw material complies, if any anomaly is detected, it is rejected and therefore, if it complies, the reception proceeds, where it is recorded. the information that includes supplier, size, species, weight, lot.


    Normally the raw material that arrives at the plant, mostly arrives classified, but in certain cases it has to be classified by size. During classification, the organoleptic characteristics of the raw material are inspected.


    The weighed and identified vats are stored in the raw material cold rooms, which are kept at a temperature of -18°C, which is controlled by means of sensors that record the temperature data through the computer system.


    It is processed in various types of presentations of 1Lb, 5Lb, 10Lb, 25Lb, 2Kg, 5Kg, either in Loin, Fillet or Portions, depending on the client's requirements, in said processes corresponding weight, temperature and cleaning controls are applied. product.



    Depending on the presentation of the product, they are placed in Food-grade Transparent/Lithographed Flexible Bags, to be vacuum-sealed. Prior to that, the bag is labeled and must contain the following information:

  • Company name.
  • Name and presentation of the product.
  • Ingredient, Weight, Storage method, Allergen (Contains: Fish/ Shellfish/ Crustacean)
  • Date of elaboration and expiration.
  • Product lot.
  • Barcode.
  • BPM code.
  • Price (In case you require).
  • Additionally, the product that leaves the packing area for the Finished Product Chamber is placed in Cartons or drawers depending on the Client's requirement.

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    The product is transferred to the Finished Product storage chamber, whose temperature is -18°C, where it will remain until its respective load for distribution to the different Wholesale Centers of the company nationwide. Prior to loading, the sanitary conditions of the transport units that will carry the product are reviewed and verified. The trucks have a Thermo King refrigeration system in which the product is transported and the temperature at which they work is from -12°C to -15°C.

Quality Certification

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): Allows products to be manufactured in adequate sanitary conditions in accordance with current legislation, complying with processing requirements and acceptable quality levels, guaranteeing that the products produced are safe and innocuous.

Food Safety

HACCP: It is a preventive management system, focused on food safety, through the analysis and control of physical, chemical and biological hazards throughout the manufacturing process, which ranges from the receipt of raw material, processing, storage, distribution and Final client.

Logos Certificaciones

Logos Certificaciones